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No. Title (Impact Factor > 9.5)

S.-J. Kim, M. Kim, S. Yang, K. Park, S. K. Hahn,​ "Strain-programmed adhesive patch for accelerated photodynamic wound healing", Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2401159 (2024) (Impact factor: 10.0).


T. Y. Kim, R. De, I. Choi, H. Kim, S. K. Hahn, "Multifunctional Nanomaterials for Smart Wearable Diabetic Healthcare Devices", Biomaterials, 310, 122630 (2024) (Impact factor: 14.0).


A. Molkenova, H. E. Choi, G. Lee, H. Baek, M. Kwon, S. B. Lee, J.-M. Park, J.-H. Kim, D.-W. Han, J. Park, S. K. Hahn, K. S. Kim, "Cold-Responsive Hyaluronated Upconversion Nanoplatform for Transdermal Cryo-Photodynamic Cancer Therapy", Advanced Science, 2306684 (2024) (Impact factor: 15.1)​.


S.-J. Kim,​ F. Yang, H. S. Jung, G. Hong,​ S. K. Hahn, "Mechanoluminescence and Mechanical Quenching of Afterglow Luminescent Particles for Wearable Photonic Display", Advanced Functional Materials, 2314861 (2024) (Impact factor: 19.0)​.


Cordelia Sealy (S. K. Hahn Interview), "Smart contact lens puts glucose monitoring in focus", Materials Today (2023) (Impact factor: 24.2).​​


S. Hong, T. Y. Kim, S. Cheong, H. Bae, K. H. Yu, S. K. Hahn, "Multifunctional Breathable Wearable Devices for Smart Healthcare Applications", Chemical Engineering Journal, 476, 146559 (2023) (Impact factor: 15.1).​​​


T. Y. Kim, S. H. Hong, S. H. Jeong, H. Bae, S. Cheong, H. Choi, S. K. Hahn, "Multifunctional Intelligent Wearable Devices Using Logical Circuits of Monolithic Gold Nanowires", Advanced Materials, 2303401 (2023) (Impact factor: 29.4).


H. H. Han, S.-K. Kim, S.-J. Kim, I. Choi, J. W. Mok, C.-K. Joo, S. Shin, S. K. Hahn, "Long-Term Stable Wireless Smart Contact Lens for Robust Digital Diabetes Diagnosis", Biomaterials, 30,122315 (2023) (Impact factor: 14.0).


T. Y. Kim, G.-H. Lee, J. Mun, S. Cheong, I. Choi, H. Kim, S. K. Hahn, "Smart Contact Lens Systems for Ocular Drug Delivery and Therapy", Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 196, 114817 (2023) (Impact factor: 16.1).


S. H. Jeong, S. Cheong, T. Y. Kim, H. Choi, S. K. Hahn,​ "Supramolecular Hydrogels with Precisely Controlled Antimicrobial Peptide Delivery for Diabetic Wound Healing", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces​, 15, 16471-16481​ (2023) (Impact factor: 9.5).


H. H. Han, S.-J. Kim, J. Kim, W. Park, C. Kim, H. Kim, S. K. Hahn, "Bimetallic Hyaluronate-Au@Pt Nanoparticles for Non-Invasive Photoacoustic Imaging and Photothermal Therapy of Skin Cancer", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15, 11609-11620 (2023) (Impact factor: 9.5).​​​


S.-J. Kim, G. Lee, G. Hong, S. H. Yun, S. K. Hahn, "Advanced Light Delivery Materials and Systems for Photomedicines", Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 194, 114729 (2023) (Impact factor:16.1)


F. Yang, S.-J. Kim, X. Wu, H. Cui, S. K. Hahn, G. Hong, "Principles and Applications of Sono-Optogenetics", Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews​, 194, 114711 (2023) (Impact factor:16.1).


Q. Wang,​ Y. Song,​ M. Kim, S. K. Hahn, G. Jiang,​ "Effect of Chitooligosaccharide on the Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease", Biomaterials Research, 27, 13 (2023) (Impact factor: 11.3).


H. Choi, B. Kim, S. H. Jeong, T. Y. Kim, D.-P. Kim, Y.-K. Oh, S. K. Hahn,​ "Microalgae-Based Biohybrid Microrobot for Accelerated Diabetic Wound Healing", Small, 19, 2204617 ​(2023) (Impact factor: 13.3). 


T. Y. Kim, J. W. Mok, S. H. Hong, S. H. Jeong, H. S. Choi, S. Shin, C.-K. Joo, S. K. Hahn, "Wireless Theranostic Smart Contact Lens for Monitoring and Control of Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma", Nature Communications, 13, 6801 (2022) (Impact factor: 16.6).


S.-J. Kim, M. Choi, G. Hong, S. K. Hahn, "Controlled Afterglow Luminescent Particles for Photochemical Tissue Bonding", Light- Science & Applications, 11, 314, (2022) (Impact Factor: 19.4).​​


G. Lee, H. E. Choi, S. H. Hong, M.-J. Choi, D.-W. Han, J. Lee, K. S. Kim, S. K. Hahn, "Upconversion Nanomaterials and Delivery Systems for Smart Photonic Medicines and Healthcare Devices", Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 188, 114419 (2022) (Impact factor: 16.1).


S.-K. Kim, G. -H. Lee, C. Jeon, H. H. Han, S. -J. Kim, J. W. Mok, C. -K. Joo, S. Shin, J. -Y. Sim, D. Myung, Z. Bao, S. K. Hahn, "Bimetallic Nanocatalysts Immobilized in Nanoporous Hydrogels for Long-term Robust Continuous Glucose Monitoring of Smart Contact Lens", Advanced Materials, 34, 2110536 (2022) (Impact factor: 29.4) - Highlighted As a Frontispiece Article.

20 G.-H. Lee, C. Jeon, J. W. Mok, S. Shin, S.-K. Kim, H. H. Han, S.-J. Kim, S. H. Hong, H. Kim, C.-K. Joo, J.-Y. Sim, S. K. Hahn, "Smart Wireless Near-Infrared Light Emitting Contact Lens for the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy", Advanced Science, 9, 2103254 (2022) (Impact factor: 15.1).
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