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J. K. Park, Y. J. Kim, J. S. Yeom, J. H. Jeon, G. C. Yi, J. H. Je, and S. K. Hahn, “The Topographic Effect of Zinc Oxide Nanoflowers on Osteoblast Growth and Osseointegration”, Advanced Materials, 22(43), 4857-4861 (2010) (Impact factor: 19.791).


S. Y. Yang, J. A. Yang, E. S. Kim, G. H. Jeon, E. J. Oh, K. Y. Choi, S. K. Hahn, and J. K. Kim, “Single File Diffusion of Protein Drugs through Cylindrical Nanochannels”, ACS Nano, 4(7), 3817-3822 (2010) - Highlighted in the Perspectives (Impact factor: 13.942).


K. S. Kim, W. H. Hur, S. J. Park, S. W. Hong, J. E. Choi, E. J. Goh, S. K. Yoon, and S. K. Hahn, “Bio-imaging for Targeted Delivery of Hyaluronic Acid Derivatives to the Liver in Cirrhotic Mice Using Quantum Dots”, ACS Nano, 4(6), 3005-3014 (2010) (Impact factor: 13.942).


K. Park, M. Y. Lee, K. S. Kim, and S. K. Hahn, “Target Specific Tumor Treatment by VEGF siRNA Complexed with Reducible Polyethyleneimine-Hyaluronic Acid Conjugate”, Biomaterials, 31(19), 5258-5265 (2010) (Impact factor: 8.402).


J. H. Kong, E. J. Oh, S. Y. Chae, K. C. Lee, and S. K. Hahn, “Long Acting Hyaluronate-Exendin 4  Conjugate for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes”, Biomaterials, 31(14), 4121-4128 (2010) (Impact factor: 8.402).


H. S. Lee, K. S. Kim (co-first author), C. J. Kim, S. K. Hahn, and M. H. Jo, "Electrical Detection of VEGFs for Cancer Diagnoses Using  Anti-vascular Endotherial Growth Factor Aptamer-modified Si Nanowire FETs", Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 24(6), 1801-1805 (2009) (Impact factor: 7.780).


E. J. Oh, K. Park, J. S. Choi, C. K. Joo, and S. K. Hahn, “Synthesis, Characterization, and Preliminary Assessment of Anti-Flt1 Peptide Hyaluronate Conjugate for the Treatment of Corneal Neovascularization", Biomaterials, 30(30), 6026-6034 (2009) (Impact factor: 8.402).


S. H. Bhang, N. Y. Won, T. J. Lee, H. Jin, J. T. Nam, J. H. Park, H. K. Chung, H. S. Park, Y. E. Sung, S. K. Hahn, B. S. Kim, and S. J. Kim, “Hyaluronic Acid - Quantum Dot Conjugates for in vivo Lymphatic Vessel Imaging”, ACS Nano, 3(6), 1389-1398 (2009) (Impact factor: 13.942).


S. J. Kim, S. K. Hahn, M. J. Kim, D. H. Kim, and Y. P. Lee, "Development of A Novel Sustained Release Formulation of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Using Sodium Hyaluronate Microparticles", Journal of Controlled Release, 104, 323-335 (2005) (Impact factor: 7.786).

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