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S. E. Han, H. G. Kang, G. Y. Shim, S. J. Kim, H. G. Choi,  J. S. Kim,  S. K. Hahn, and Y. K. Oh, "Cationic Derivatives of Biocompatible  Hyaluronic Acids for Delivery of siRNA and Antisense  Oligonucleotides", J. Drug Target., 17(2), 123-132 (2009).

2 H. S. Lee, K. S. Kim (co-first author), C. J. Kim, S. K. Hahn, and M. H. Jo, "Electrical Detection of VEGFs for Cancer Diagnoses Using  Anti-vascular Endotherial Growth Factor Aptamer-modified Si Nanowire FETs", Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 24(6), 1801-1805 (2009).

K. S. Kim, H. S. Lee, J. A. Yang, M. H. Jo, and S. K. Hahn, "The  Fabrication, Characterization and Application of Aptamer-functionalized Si-nanowire FET Biosensors", Nanotechnology, 20(23), 235501(2009). Introduced as a research highlight in the journal.


G. Jiang, K. T. Park (co-first author), J. S. Kim, K. S. Kim and S. K. Hahn, "Target Specific Intracellular Delivery of siRNA/PEI-HA Complex by Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis", Molecular Pharmaceutics, 6(3), 727-737 (2009).

5 S. H. Bhang, N. Y. Won, T. J. Lee, H. Jin, J. T. Nam, J. H. Park, H. K. Chung, H. S. Park, Y. E. Sung, S. K. Hahn, B. S. Kim, and S. J. Kim, "Hyaluronic Acid - Quantum Dot Conjugates for in vivo Lymphatic Vessel Imaging", ACS Nano, 3(6), 1389-1398 (2009).
6 E. J. Oh, K. T. Park, J. S. Choi, C. K. Joo, and S. K. Hahn, "Synthesis, Characterization, and Preliminary Assessment of Anti-Flt1 Peptide-Hyaluronate Conjugate for the Treatment of Corneal Neovascularization", Biomaterials, 30(30), 6026-6034 (2009).

B. M. Weon, S. Chang, J. S. Yeom, S. K. Hahn, J. H. Je, Y. Hwu, and G. Margaritondo, " X-ray Ablation of Hyaluronan Hydrogels : Fabrication of Three-dimensional Microchannel Networks", J. Appl. Phys., 106(5), 053518 (2009). Introduced as a research highlight in the journal. Also, selected to Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Resarch by APS/AIP (Vir. J. Bio. Phy. Res., Vol 18, Issue 6).


J. Y. Kim, J. K. Park, S. K. Hahn, T. H. Kwon, and D. W. Cho, "Development of the Flow Behavior Model for 3D Scaffold Fabrication in the  Polymer Deposition Process by a Heating Method", Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 19(10), 105003 (2009).


J. K. Park, J. S. Yeom, E. J. Oh, M. Reddy, J. Y. Kim, D. W. Cho, H. P. Lim, N. S. Kim, S. W. Park, H. I. Shin, D. J. Yang, K. B. Park, and S. K. Hahn, "Guided Bone Regeneration by Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Grafted  Hyaluronic Acid Bi-layer Films for Periodontal Barrier Applications", Acta Biomat., 5(9), 3394-3403 (2009).


E. J. Oh, K. T. Park, J. A .Yang, and M. Y. Lee, "Emerging Drug Delivery Systems for the Development of Biopharmaceuticals", Biospectrum Asia, Featured Article (2009).

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