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K. S. Kim, S. J. Park, J. A. Yang, J. H. Jeon, S. H. Bhang, B. S. Kim, and S. K. Hahn, " Injectable  Hyaluronic Acid - Tyramine Hydrogels for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis", Acta Biomaterialia, 7(2), 666-674 (2011).

2 J. A. Yang, H. M. Kim, K. T. Park, and S. K. Hahn, "Molecular Design of Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Networks for Long-term Controlled Delivery of Human Growth Hormone", Soft Matter, 7(3), 868-870 (2011), Highlighted in the back-cover image of the journal.

E. J. Oh, J. S. Choi, H. M. Kim, C. K. Joo, and S. K. Hahn, "Anti - Flt1 Peptide-Hyaluronate Conjugate for the Treatment of Retinal Neovascularization and Diabetic Retinopathy",   Biomaterials, 32(11), 3115-3123 (2011).


J. S. Yeom, S. Chang, J. K. Park, J. H. Je, D. J. Yang, S. K. Choi, H. I. Shim, and S. K. Hahn, "Artificial Bone Substitute of MGSB and Hyaluronate Hydrogels", Bioceramics Development and Applications, 1, D110162 (2011).


K. T. Park, S. W. Hong, W. H. Hur, M. Y. Lee, J. A. Yang, S. W. Kim, S. K. Yoon, and S. K. Hahn, "Target Specific Systemic Delivery of TGF-β siRNA/(PEI-SS)-g-HA Complex for the Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis", Biomaterials, 32(21), 4951-4958 (2011).


J. K. Park, J. H. Shim, K. S. Kang, J. S. Yeom, H. S. Jung, J. Y. Kim, K. H. Lee, T. H. Kim, S. Y. Kim, D. W. Cho, and S. K. Hahn, "Solid Free-form Fabrication of Tissue - Engineering Scaffolds with a Poly(lactec-co-glycolic) Grafted Hyaluronic Acid Conjugate Encapsulating an Intact Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2/Poly(ethylene glycol) Complex",   Advanced Functional Materials, 21(15), 2906-2912 (2011).


H. T. Jung, K. M. Park, J. A. Yang, E. J. Oh, D. W. Lee, K. T. Park, S. H. Ryu, S. K. Hahn, and K. M. Kim, "Theranostic Systems Assembled In Situ On Demand by Host-Guest Chemistry", Biomaterials, 32(30), 7687-7694 (2011).


M. Y. Lee, S. J. Park, K. T. Park, K. S. Kim, H. W. Lee, and S. K. Hahn, "Target Specific Gene Silencing by Layer-by-Layer Assembled Gold - Cysteamine / siRNA / PEI / HA Nano-Complex", ACS Nano, 5(8), 6138-6147 (2011).


J. A. Yang, K. T. Park, H. T. Jung, H. M. Kim, S. W. Hong, S. K. Yoon, and S. K. Hahn, "Target Specific Hyaluronic Acid - Interferon Alpha Conjugate for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection", Biomaterials, 32(33), 8722-8729 (2011).


W. H. Kong, K. H. Bae, C. A. Hong, Y. H. Lee, S. K. Hahn, and T. G. Park, " Multimerized siRNA Cross-linked by Gold Nanoparticles", Bioconjugate Chemistry, 22(10), 1962-1969 (2011).


S. K. Yoon, S. W. Hong, P. S. Sung, C. H. Park, M. J. Song, J. M. Yang, S. W. Choi, C. D. Lee, Y. S. Lee, and S . K. Hahn, "Targeted Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis Using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Conjugated TGF Beta 1 siRNA", Journal of Hepatology, 54, S421-S421 (2011).

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